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Altitude 413 is a full-service creative studio providing photography, video, and drone services for businesses.

I have been very fortunate to call Western Massachusetts home for more than 25 years. With a background in marketing and a passion turned profession in photography, I have spent years shooting for local and national businesses. I specialize in real estate, architecture, commercial, construction, and landscape photography. I have operated a freelance drone business for 5 years bringing our clients aerial expertise for each and every project. If you're a business in need of high-quality visuals, creative direction, and new content creation, I'd love to chat! 

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Ace is a 5-year-old beagle-pointer mix specializing in sleeping, eating, barking, and getting into the trash when his parents leave for work. He spent his early years scrapping on the streets of Alabama before his big journey to New England. A typical workday for Ace consists of barking at the neighbor's dog, chewing a bone, beating up his French Bulldog brother, and sleeping on the couch. He can not be trusted with any camera gear and his lack of thumbs makes flying a drone difficult. Other interests include adventures at the dog park, hikes, eating human food, and not contributing to household or business expenses. 

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